Our Approach

At Syailendra Asia, we unlock the growth potential in quality companies by investing across their capital structure and incorporating our capital markets expertise

Unlike traditional private investment firms, Syailendra is focused on investing in senior and mezzanine debt as well as equity investments. We incorporate our capital markets expertise by investing across the full spectrum of a company, capital structure to optimize their financial profile and unlock their potential value.

Our Unique Investment Approach

Our unique investment approach is reflected in the solid collaboration between our team of capital market professionals with industry knowledge, strong track record, and reliable business reputation, and the potential investee company. We strongly believe this relationship will achieve an above-average market return in the long run.

Our Regional Focus

Our regional focus reflects the experience and local knowledge of our team of investment professionals. And by becoming a reliable partner of choice for both the global investors who provide our investment capital, and to our local investee companies, we provide access to exclusive investment opportunities throughout the region. We remain open to opportunities in a variety of industry sectors, respective to the macroeconomic and demographic potential of the region.

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