Partnering your Comperehensive investment solution

Syailendra Asia was founded in 2012 to complement the services offered by our affiliate company, Syailendra Capital. Our contributions have helped the Syailendra Group manage over USD1 billion of assets in a combination of equity and debt positions
in both private and public institutions. Our investment activity is backed by an experienced team of investment professionals based in our Indonesia and Singapore offices, and soon in Europe.

As an independent private investment firm with a keen interest in equity investment opportunities, we have the capability to access senior and mezzanine debt for our investment partners throughout South East Asia, and specifically, in Indonesia

Our deep understanding of the Indonesian culture, coupled with a broad knowledge of the Asian capital markets, enables us to recognize and tap into promising opportunities for long-term value creation. Our integrated business model combines the
resources of our business divisions allowing us to provide comprehensive financial solutions for our clients, while our strong origination capability provides unique access to private deals within our network of trusted circles.

Our Goal

to provide our investors with attractive investment opportunities by positioning ourselves as the partner of choice in our investment proposition. We provide value-adding support for our investee companies’ developments by leveraging our extensive capital market knowledge and our ability to provide timely advice as well as financing for their required capital needs.

Our Investment Activity

Backed by an experienced team of investment professionals with an in-depth local culture understanding and a broad knowledge of the Asian capital markets, particularly Indonesia. With offices in Indonesia, Singapore and Monaco.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent private investment firm for global investors to access investment opportunities across Asia.